Communication, dissemination and exploitation (WP6)

The objective of this Work Package is to ensure that the results of the project have a lasting and permanent impact and that many organisations can use these results, either directly or to build upon. The tasks of the WP are envisaged to plan and execute effective communication, dissemination and exploitation activities that reach targeted audiences and aim to streamline communication and transparent interaction within the consortium, with the clustered projects and all relevant platforms and stakeholders.

Specific objectives:

  • To raise stakeholders interest and to increasing their EU’s raw materials knowledge
  • To disseminate project outcomes, especially those, that are aimed at facilitating investment decisions by industry
  • To improve possibilities for better informed decision-making for raw materials policy at EU and Member State levels

List of ORAMA dissemination activities

9.1.2018. H2020, MIREU – Mining and Metallurgical Regions of EU, Kick-off meeting, Espoo, Finland (Perttu Mikkola, GTK). OPEN

15.1.2018. Tiedot Euroopan metallivarannoista ja -virroista halutaan yhteen tietopankkiin. Press Release in Finnish. Geological Survey of Finland (GTK). OPEN

18.–19.4. 2018. EuroGeoSurveys, Minerals Resources Expert Group meeting, Budapest, Hungary (Raimo Lahtinen, GTK)

24.4.2018. UNECE EGRC Resource Management Week, Geneva, Switzerland (Zoltan Horvath, MBFSZ)

23.–24.5.2018. H2020, MIN-GUIDE Meeting, Madrid, Spain (Zoltan Horvath, MBFSZ). OPEN

24.5.2018. H2020, NEXT – New Exploration Technologies, Kick-off meeting, Rovaniemi, Finland (Pasi Eilu, GTK)

Tiedot Euroopan metallivarannoista ja -virroista halutaan yhteen tietopankkiin. Geofoorumi 1/2018, Geological Survey of Finland, p 5. OPEN

5.6.2018. ORAMA: Optimising quality of information in RAw MAterials data collection across Europe. Poster presentation at Workshop on Social Acceptance in the European Raw Materials Sector, Brussels, Belgium (Perttu Mikkola, GTK). OPEN

Project Manager Perttu Mikkola (GTK) explaining the connection between ORAMA and issues on social acceptance related to extraction of land materials.

21.6.2018 Workshop on Raw Materials Information System (RMIS). Workshop arranged by EASME and Joint Research Centre (JRC) (Perttu Mikkola, GTK). OPEN

28.6.2018 First ORAMA Newsletter OPEN

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