Clustering with other projects (WP5)

The main objective of this Work Package is to ensure that ORAMA aligns, benefits from and provides input to other relevant EU-projects and other initiatives. The tasks of this WP aim at promoting data, information and knowledge exchange between projects, initiatives and an efficient use of resources in these activities that have similar needs and goals. ORAMA partners will identify relevant activities (EU-funded projects, initiatives, programmes) using data from different sources, identify synergies and will ensure regular communication between relevant players (project consortia, initiatives) for the exchange of data, information and knowledge.

Specific objectives:

  • Mapping of relevant EU-projects (H2020, LIFE etc.) and initiatives (RMIS, EGDI, KIC Raw Materials, etc.) that build synergies with ORAMA.
  • Organise regular virtual meetings and two events (expert panels) at different stages of the ORAMA project, to ensure efficient exchange of information.
  • Propose and potentially provide a framework of cooperation that would ensure interaction among relevant players also after the end of the ORAMA project.
Lead Partner
Contributing Partners