Demonstrations of the applicability of the recommendations (WP3)

The aim of this WP is to check and evaluate the applicability of WP1 & WP2 recommendations to improve datasets, and to establish the specifications/requirements for their full exploitation through full-scale tests. The evaluation will notably bear on the capacity of improved datasets to be managed through INSPIRE and ‘INSPIRE-like’ newly developed data models, and a particular attention will be paid to the following points:

  • To produce/harvest and serve high-quality statistical data aggregated at national level for an Expert use and for policy evaluations.
  • To generate on the fly Sankey diagrams representing material/products stocks and flows.
  • To open new routes for environmental and social data representation and use, notably by using Knowledge Bases and dedicated domain ontologies.
  • The envisaged developments for the demonstration purpose will be compatible with the JRC’s RMIS 2.0 evolution, having also in mind the feeding of the Raw Materials Scoreboard.
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