Secondary raw materials (WP2)

The main objective of this Work Package is to map and analyze the current data collection practices in all Member States regarding WEEE, Batteries, ELV, other mixed metal wastes, and Mining Waste datasets. The tasks of this WP aims to analyze data gaps and improvement recommendations resulting from previous and ongoing EU and national projects on secondary raw materials data sets availability and quality. As well as to select and execute case studies for each waste sector to improve national and EU secondary raw material datasets in practice for WP3.

As a result, deliver a comprehensive description of specific improvement and harmonisation potential in the form of most promising best practices to be implemented in Member States.

Specific objectives are

  • Deliver a structured inventory of available data sources, completed and ongoing projects, Member States reporting practices and data collection methods for SRM for each waste sector.
  • Identification of gaps and barriers hindering data quality and limiting data availability.
  • Development of short and long term strategies for each waste sector specifically in order to enhance data quality and availability with regard to i) product compositions and mining waste content, ii) stocks and (waste) flow potential iii) destinations of waste flows and iv) potentially final recovery rates at (re)processing for relevant commodities, especially for the CRMs.
  • Selection and execution of case studies for each waste sector in order to acquire improved SRM datasets.
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