On 21st of June 2018, EASME and Joint Research Centre (JRC) organised a workshop for active, or recently ended, H2020 projects that have connections to further development of the European Union’s Raw Materials Knowledge Base and Raw Materials Information System (RMIS). In addition to ORAMA, for example MIREU, ProSUM, MinFuture and SMART GROUND projects were represented in the workshop. Idea of the workshop was to discuss and identify the potential input each project holds for further development of the RMIS. ORAMA’s short term contribution to development will be in form of the deliverables, which will provide information which can be used to updating and completing the information behind the 12 “tiles” making up the RMIS’ basic structure. However in long term  ORAMA’s most significant contribution will be the improvements to the availability and interoperability of data from various sources. These improvements will make up-to-date information on stocks and flows easily available for material system and flow analyses (MSA & MFA). The day also served as a clustering event between the projects, which possess significant potential synergies.

Raw Materials Information System (RMIS) is available at http://rmis.jrc.ec.europa.eu.