ORAMA project was introduced in a presentation, on a poster and at a separated booth on the Annual Meeting of Aggregates Miners in Velence (Hungary) on 2 of March in 2018.

Main objectives, the structure and Partners of the ORAMA project were presented by Zoltán Horváth (Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary). Information about the project was embedded into the EU-level concept for the development of mineral policies and data management. The importance of optimized datasets for both primary and secondary resources was highlighted with the related demonstration of the applicability and the need of stakeholder consultation as well.

On a poster the ORAMA project was described with regards to the development of a common language for mineral resources taking into account the INSPIRE compliant data infrastructure and international reporting standards (like CRIRSCO family) and the United Nations classification framework (UNFC). Authors were: Katalin Sári and Zoltán Horváth.

At a booth both English and Hungarian flyers were disseminated and a large poster was presented in order to inform participants on the objectives, structure, partners of the project and potential benefits for the raw materials community in Europe.

In this national level conference many relevant stakeholders have attended: representatives of ministries, responsible authority of data maintenance (Survey), mining entrepreneurs, universities and professional organizations.