ORAMA & JRC RMIS Joint Workshop:

Data Optimisation for Primary & Secondary Raw Materials

Thursday 13th June 2019, Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy

Preceded by Dinner hosted by ORAMA on the evening of the 12th June.

The ORAMA project (Optimizing quality of information in RAw MAterial data collection across Europe) focuses on optimising data collection for primary and secondary raw materials in the Member States of the EU. A cornerstone to the EIP on Raw Materials is the development of the EU knowledge base on primary and secondary raw materials, commenced by a series of European-funded projects.

ORAMA addresses specific challenges related to data availability, geographical coverage, accessibility, standardisation, harmonisation, interoperability, quality, and thematic coverage in Member States. The project is now nearing its close and wishes to share its results and present to key stakeholders the methodologies it has developed around raw material enhancing data across Europe, using such tools as the United Nations Framework Classification system (UNFC).

The ORAMA project has close ties with the Joint Research Centre’s Raw Materials Information System (RMIS). The RMIS was launched in 2015 to facilitate key information and knowledge needs of the European Commission and of the Member States on non-food, non-energy raw materials. It is Europe’s principal tool for those wishing to access data on raw materials.

This workshop will focus on sharing the outcomes of the ORAMA project. During the morning session the emphasis will be on the raw material data network in the EU looking at data collection, presentation and use. In the afternoon, there will be parallel workshops dedicated to introducing the detailed results and guidance for primary and secondary raw materials data. The programme will be split by a lunch time poster and banner session where the results of the ORAMA research will be displayed alongside those of other stakeholders present at the event.

Registration for the event is at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/orama-jrc-data-optimisation-for-primary-secondary-raw-materials-tickets-58642973713

Note that the first 30 people to register and attend the full day of the ORAMA & JRC event will receive a €200 bursary towards their attendance costs. This will be claimable in arrears following attendance and is only open to those that are not part of the ORAMA project partnership.



Raw Materials Information System (RMIS) is available at http://rmis.jrc.ec.europa.eu.